Monday, August 2, 2010

St Dupont France Lighter

Birth Of Lighter

Simon Tissot-Dupont, the dynasty's founder, was just 25. He was born in Savoy to a family of millers.

He was an enterprising and passionate young man who was determined to succeed in Paris.
He recruited several talented craftsmen and established a prestigious leather goods workshop.
In particular, he manufactured wallets and "maroquins", the attaché-cases of the time, bearing the initials of senior civil servants. He was rapidly successful among Parisian high society.
Soon, he became the official supplier to the Magasins du Louvre, which was a reference in the world for luxury accessories at the time

An S.T.Dupont lighter is born as a piece of brass, a small piece of solid metal made of a cooper and zinc alloy. It goes through a series of processes to become the final product we know.

After extrusion, brazing and machining the body of the lighter and the top are assembled to form the base of the decoration stage in order to ensure a perfectly regular appearance of the product. The work of the master goldsmith can start.
The 'cling' of each lighter is checked before packaging, and if the desired sound is not produced, the lighter will be worked on in order to improve the tone, even if this requires hours of extra work. The concern for perfection and the production process guarantee the superior quality of an S.T.Dupont product. Only Line 2 and Gatsby lighters have this particular sonority due to the composition and assembly of their different pieces


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